Deep Brain Stimulation: New technology in the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease
Mar 2021 - 9 News - Laura Tunstall #

An army veteran with Parkinson’s Disease has become one of the first Australians to receive new technology in deep brain stimulation, an advanced implant similar to a heart pacemaker to reduce his tremors.



It is hoped that one day the implant could automatically regulate brain signals for sufferers. With the launch of Percept PC neurostimulator, a deep brain stimulation system with BrainSense technology, a small implant with electrical wires can send and record a patient’s brain signals which doctors can read in real-time to deliver targeted deep brain stimulation therapy. The implant can also be used by people with epilepsy, dystonia, and essential tremor.


Dr Benjamin Jonker, St Vincent's Private Hospital, Sydney

Neurosurgeon Dr Benjamin Jonker and neurologist A/Prof Steve Tisch use deep brain stimulation technology in the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease at St Vincent’s Private Hospital in Sydney.