FAQ for Patients
Undergoing Radiosurgery

This information is of a general nature only. Any specific information provided by your doctor should be adhered to if it differs from the information below.

All stereotactic radiosurgery procedures are performed under the care of Dr Jonker and a radiation oncologist (usually Dr Patanjali) at the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse at RPA.

What planning is required?

You will need to have an appointment to see the radiation oncologist and sometimes this can be done on the same day that you have your planning appointment.

If you are having a single dose treatment you will have two appointments with the radiation therapists who deliver the treatment, and they will contact you to advise you of the time.

On the first appointment a mask will be made and a CT scan performed. Often an MRI will also be performed on this day.

You will then go home and a second appointment will happen anywhere from a few days to a few weeks later in which you actually receive the stereotactic radiosurgery treatment. You will be advised of details of your booking by the radiation therapists.

What is the treatment process?

Single-dose treatments are performed as a day procedure, and don’t require a hospital stay. Typical treatment times are 30-45 minutes for a single dose treatment, but can sometimes be longer.

If you are booked for a multiple dose treatment (fractionated stereotactic radiotherapy) this will then be the first of a series of appointments that may run for 5-6 weeks, each day (excluding weekends).

There are no restrictions on you on the day of treatment.

What can I expect after the treatment?

On the day of treatment, you may drive home.

It is common to feel a mild headache or some fatigue for a few days afterward. Usually, no special medications are required.

What follow-up is recommended?

Follow-up will initially be 4 weeks after your treatment, with the radiation oncologist. Further follow-up appointments will then be made depending on your diagnosis, and Dr Jonker runs a clinic alongside Dr Patanjali at the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse at RPA.

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