Deep brain ultrasound technology helping people with Essential tremor
Apr 2022 - 7News - Georgia Holland #

MRgFUS for Essential Tremor 7News

St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney is using cutting edge technology to help people living with a common neurological disorder, and they’re pushing for wider use to help change lives.

Here we see Barbara Berens two years ago, suffering from a common and debilitating neurological disorder called Essential tremor, she could barely hold a cup of water. Two years on, 73 year old Barbara has a lot more control.

“I can eat with a knife and fork, I can carry a cup of tea across the room, it’s life changing.” says Barbara.

Thanks to deep brain ultrasound technology. “It has less surgical risk, but delivers high quality, long term improvement” says neurologist Dr Stephen Tisch.

MRI-guided Focussed Ultrasound treatment for tremor

MRI-guided focussed ultrasound treatment for tremor

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