‘Brain surgery without surgery’: Incisionless procedure helping fix uncontrollable tremors
Jan 2019 - ABC 7.30 Report #

Tremor Cure - Incisionless brain surgery

One of the most common neurological conditions, essential tremor is a progressive shaking of the limbs and can rob a person’s daily independence, according to neurosurgeon Dr Ben Jonker at St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney.

In January, the team at St Vincent’s used new MRI-Guided focussed ultrasound technology to treat essential tremor in patient, David Harvey.


PHOTO: The team at St Vincent’s Hospital watch computer screens as the procedure takes place. (ABC News: Andy Park)

Handwriting improves with the reduction of tremor

PHOTO: Beginning top left, David Harvey’s handwriting improves as the ultrasound waves get closer to their final target. (ABC News: Andy Park)